Fleet Management

Fleet management software is a necessary tool for all companies that manage and utilize a fleet of vehicles. Whether the fleet consists of sedans, delivery trucks, or specialized equipment, fleet management software is necessary to assure maximum effectiveness.

With fleet management software, all vehicles in a fleet can be monitored (usually in real time) in terms of location, speed, fuel consumption, and other critical factors that affect business operations. This software is useful for assuring compliance with company policies, minimizing costs, and optimizing fleet performance.

While this software is sometimes referred to also as GPS fleet tracking software or fleet maintenance software, the essential function is the same regardless of what it’s called: To help companies manage and deploy their fleets effectively.Read more.

Compare Fleet Management Solution Providers

Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.

Discover the ATTI Difference!

Reduce Fuel Costs & Maintenance

Eliminate or Reduce Overtime

Improve Fleet Productivity

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Your Transportation Software Specialists

Software to Manage Transport Businesses

Increase Efficiency of Freight Brokers

A Solution for LTL Carriers & Brokers

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ARI Fleet

Driven Fleet Professionals

Develop a Fleet Management Culture

Fleet Management Services & Insights

Offering Fleet Remarketing Options

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AT&T Business Enterprises

The Right Information to the Right People

Improve Fleet Maintenance Procedures

Improve Dispatch with Real-Time Routing

Manage Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Not Yet Rated

Chevin Fleet Solutions

Scalable Web-Based, Fleet Management

Configurable to Suit Your Specific Needs

25 Years of Fleet Software Innovation

One Integrated Fleet Management System

Not Yet Rated

Collective Fleet

Intuitive.... Productive

Flexible and Configurable to Meet Needs

Detailed Fleet Equipment Tracking

Best Industry Technical Support Team

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Turbocharge Your Fleet’s Productivity

Maximize Profitability and Productivity

Finest Maintenance Management Software

Robust Fleet Maintenance Features

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Save More by Doing Less

Fleet Services for Massive Fleets

Technology to Manage Truck or Car Fleets

We Understand Your Business Needs

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Remote Inventory Solutions

A Simple Way to Track and Manage Trucks

Detailed Tracking of Truck Usage

Reduce Turn Over by 20 to 40%

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Fleet Harmony

Cloud Fleet Management

Track Maintenance Costs and Warranties

Includes an IFTA Calculator

Maintenance Scheduling and Reminders

Average rating


Fleet Maintenance Pro

Essential Features at Your Fingertips

Track an Unlimited Number of Vehicles

Automated and Color-Coded Maintenance

A Wealth of History Reports

Average rating


Fleet Management Solutions

Global Fleet Safety & Efficiency

Protect Drivers and Vehicles

Extend Vehicle Up-Time

Connect to Iridium Satellites

Not Yet Rated


Precision Tracking of All Fleet Assets

Works on All Devices and OS

GPS Tracking Software Gives You Alerts

Enhanced Visibility of Fleet Assets

Average rating



Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Downtime

Meet Your Needs Today & Tomorrow

Avoid Unnecessary Costs with Scheduling

Extend Useful Life of Vehicles

Not Yet Rated


Gain Visibility into Fleet Operations

Control the Chaos of Fleet Management

Real-Time Access to Fleet Information

Automating Fleet Management Tasks

Average rating



Total Fleet Management Services

Available Nationwide 24/7

Offers Critical Driver Alert Services

Unlimited Update Profiles

Average rating



Full Visibility: Vehicles. Drivers. Jobs.

Reduce Fuel Cost, Get More Stops

Reduce Paperwork, Increase Productivity

101 Billion Data Points Collected

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Cloud-Based Fleet Management System

Deep Understanding About Transport

Integrates with any GPS-Based Tracker

Uses IP 67 Compliant GPS Systems

Average rating



Commercial Fleet Management Solutions

Versatile, Cost-Efficient Fleet Monitors

Improve Driver's and Dispatcher's Work

Optimize Fleet Resources to Reduce Costs

Not Yet Rated

GPS Insight

Solutions for Unique Problems

Real-Time Data Management

Automate Fleet Management Processes

Detailed Reports Improve Results

Average rating



Mobile Fleet Management

Visualize Task Map & Manage Drivers

Analytics Provide Measureable Statistics

Fulfill Delivery Requirements Digitally

Average rating


ITS Dispatch

Powered by Truckstop.com

Cost-Effective Trucking Software

Easy Integration with QuickBooks

Ideal for Small to Mid-Sized Carriers

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JDA Fleet Management

Plan to Deliver

Become a Strategic Partner to Customers

Create Constraint Aware Supply Chains

Efficient Multi-Customer Warehouses

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Simple and Revolutionary

Great Dashboard and Reporting Functions

GPS Tracking, Freight Brokerage & Routes

Easily Manage Hazardous Cargo

Not Yet Rated


Delivers Actionable Intelligence

Easy-To-Use Transportation Management

A Single Workflow for Freight Tasks

Maximizes Transportation Budgets

Average rating



Effortlessly Handle Your Fleet

Manage all Preventive Maintenance

Detect Early Signs of Vehicle Fatigue

Handle Multiple Inventory Locations

Average rating


Melton Technologies

Software for a Hard Road

Manage Drivers, Tractors, Trips, Loads

Many Add-On Modules for Fleet Management

Comprehensive Driver Compliance Module

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Merchants Fleet Management

Breakthough Thinking Your Fleet Deserves

For a Fleet Size of 10 or More Vehicles

Custom-Built Fleet Management Programs

Experienced, Responsive Fleet Management

Not Yet Rated

Mike Albert

Our Business is Your Fleet

Help Buying Vehicles at the Best Price

Help in Controlling Fuel Costs

Best Practices for Upfitting & Branding

Not Yet Rated


Plan Your Daily Routes and Deliveries

A Multi-Route, Multi-Stop Route Planner

Map Multiple Locations, Plan Visits

Minimize Distance, Minimize Time

Average rating



A Transportation Solution by Experts

Make Operating Decisions Faster

Improve Driver Retention & Satisfaction

Maximize Customer Satisfaction & Profits

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Express Fleet for Small Businesses

Intuitive and Easy-To-Read Dashboards

Monitor Drive & Idle Time

Spot Trends and Make Quick Corrections

Average rating



Innovation. Driven.

Avoid Business Disruption, Get Compliant

Increase Productivity, Save Fuel

Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Not Yet Rated

PMXpert Software

Deliver Professional Results

User Friendly, Professional & Affordable

Leads to Lower Costs, Improved Schedules

Cost-Effective, Preventive Maintenance

Average rating


RTA Fleet Management

Keep Your Fleet Rolling

Help Fleet Managers Improve Productivity

Feature-Rich Customizable Modules

Improve Productivity and Maintenance

Average rating



Ever Better

Ensure Complete Regulatory Compliance

Anticipate Problems and Manage Them

Ensure Preventive Maintenance is Done

Not Yet Rated


Fleet Tracking & Management

Connects Data to Back Office Systems

Slash Fuel Costs with Planned Workflow

Manage Fleet Equipment and Workforce

Average rating



The Right Solution for Your Business

More Than Tracking Vehicle Performance

Improve Delivery Time and Coordination

Provide Deep Insights to Manage Fleets

Average rating


Telogis, Inc.

Many Solutions. One Platform.

Real-Time Data for a Full Fleet

Reduce Miles, Fuel, Wages, & Other Costs

Improve Efficiency and Compliance

Average rating


TomTom Telematics

Let's Drive Business

Real-Time Data on Vehicle Location

Improve Driving Behavior & Save Fuel

Lower Insurance Premiums & Repair Costs

Average rating


Transportation Data Source

Most Comprehensive, Accurate Source

Designed by a Trucking Company Owner

Easily Access, Search, and Export Data

Easily Build Qualified Carrier Databases

Not Yet Rated


Transforming the Way the World Works

Get Spatial Information into Workflow

For Long Haul Trucking & Field Service

GPS Tracking, Scheduling, Dispatch, RFID

Average rating


Vehicle Fleet Manager

Business Solutions

Designed to be Easy to Setup & use

Keep Fleet Accessible & Manageable

Software Written to Meet Real-World use

Average rating



Ultimate GPS Tracking Platform

Multifunctional Fleet Management System

Flexible, yet Powerful Fleet Management

SaaS & Server-Based Versions

Average rating


Fleet Management Buyer's Guide

Fleet management software has become a must-have for any company that deploys a fleet of vehicles. There are many benefits that businesses receive from being able to track fleets through software:

Key Features and Modules

With a huge range of fleet management software solutions available on the market, companies have many options in selecting the software that best meets their needs. But these features are among the most important:

Management tools for dispatch and scheduling: The core purpose of a fleet is to make deliveries and dispatches on schedule. An application that tracks orders and dispatch schedules is therefore critical.

GPS navigation: A fleet management software solution should provide users with full visibility of an entire fleet in real time. Knowledge of every vehicle’s location allows potential problems to be addressed quickly.

Alert systems: Wouldn’t it be useful to know whenever a driver is off-route or engaging in unsafe behavior? With automated alert systems, you can receive text notifications whenever certain events occur.

Route optimization features: If your vehicles are going to be making multiple stops along a route (as is common), you’ll need a route optimization feature to calculate the best possible route between the locations—saving time and the cost of fuel.

Fuel card integration: When your fleet management software integrates with fuel cards, you are able to closely monitor fuel consumption.

Rates management for long haul shipping: Long haul shipping can be expensive, so the ability to monitor rates and quotes through a software solution can help save.

Load optimization: Determining how to distribute cargo is a science. Fleet management software can identify how to most efficiently distribute cargo to each individual vehicle.

Fleet maintenance monitoring: Maintenance problems can torpedo a fleet’s ability to perform its functions. With fleet maintenance monitoring features, managers can track vehicles under maintenance. Additionally, the system provides notifications for regularly scheduled preventative maintenance checks.

Mobile access: Since today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, being able to access fleet management information through a mobile device is oftentimes necessary. Many software solutions offer a mobile app or web access.

Important Considerations for Buyers

Purchasing a fleet management software solution is a major decision. Before you sign a contract, take stock of your needs by asking some basic questions.

These questions will help you to determine what you need in a fleet management software solution.

Types of Solutions

The market for this software is robust, featuring solutions for a wide range of businesses and needs. Here are the basic categories of fleet management software.

Software as a Service (SaaS): As in other software applications, SaaS solutions are becoming standard for fleet management. Web-based software offers numerous benefits, including low overhead and maintenance costs. Other perks include the ability to access software remotely, built-in data backups, and mobile access—all of which are particularly important for fleet management.

Cellular:One important distinction between fleet tracking systems is the means by which GPS data is transmitted. A cellular tracking system uses cellular transmissions. Although this option tends to be less expensive than alternatives, it is more limited in terms of providing up to the minute information. Typically, users pay a monthly fee. Cellular tracking is a good option for smaller fleets.

Passive Wireless:Passive wireless tracking systems work in a similar manner to cellular tracking. These systems operate by recording data on hardware within an individual vehicle. Traditionally this method does not provide real-time tracking, although this has been changing as of late. Passive wireless tracking requires investment in additional hardware, but not a monthly fee. This is also a cost-effective option for smaller fleets.

Satellite: Satellite transmission allows users to receive up to the minute location tracking for all vehicles. Typically, satellite tracking comes with monthly fees.

Specialized Use Solutions:Given the wide range of businesses that utilize fleet management software, a number of solutions cater to specific needs. These include third-party logistics firms, for-hire carriers, local delivery services, and taxi services, among others.

Vendor Landscape

Many vendors offer fleet management software, and new players are always entering the marketplace. In fact, MarketsandMarkets estimates that by 2019, the industry will be worth $35 billion worldwide.

Major vendors include Smartfleet, Telogis, Fleetmatics, and Dossier, among others. Apple recently announced that it is partnering with Telogis to provide additional iOS support and possible Apple Watch integration, which may be a draw for many buyers.

Other vendors have won acclaim for meeting the needs of small businesses. These solutions include Fleet Genius, GPSTrackIt, and InTouch GPS.

Industry Trends

Fleet management is always evolving in conjunction with business and technology. In selecting a fleet management solution, here are some trends to keep under consideration.