Video Conferencing

Over the last few years, businesses have come to appreciate that video conferencing (VC) systems have many other uses besides catering to senior executive use. Improving bandwidths globally have given rise to video conferencing applications in the most inhospitable field locations. Engineers servicing complex machinery in the desert or in the arctic can send back high quality video of failed parts and get the exact replacements they need, and doctors can now examine patients in remote locations.

An ever increasing number of web applications now include video conferencing with support personnel. The list of possible uses is endless and costs are dropping all the while. As a consequence, there is growing interest in setting up video conferencing systems. Read more.

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Remote Support and Remote Access

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Video Conferencing Buyer’s Guide

Before any action is taken to select equipment, there are certain preliminary studies that need to be undertaken. The essential considerations that need to be addressed are:

There is huge variety in the types of VC equipment and their capabilities and costs. More often than not, it is the available budget that plays a deciding role in the quality and quantity of equipment that will be procured and the features that will be supported.

Major Types of Video Conferencing Solutions

There are five major typres of VC solutions. They are as follows:

HD or Standard?

Readers are no doubt aware of the difference between standard quality and high definition (HD) video. While some may consider this to be merely an issue of video quality, there are many applications where HD video can make an enormous difference. Tele-medicine is one such application that becomes practical and possible with HD video. Many engineering applications are only possible once HD video is available.

There is a major difference in costs between standard and HD equipment. Besides this, HD will also require greater bandwidth. However, it should be noted that the costs of bandwidth and equipment are dropping and HD systems are becoming more affordable with time.

Selecting a Conferencing Solution

Once these preliminary questions are addressed and the basic type of system and functionality has been decided, businesses can create a short listing of solutions and get on with evaluations and trials. While appraising a prospective solution, some key points to consider are:

Cloud-Based Conferencing Systems

Cloud-based VC systems offer a great alternative to the equipment intensive systems that were the norm just a few years ago. A cloud-based VC system is far simpler to deploy, requires the customer to procure a minimal amount of equipment and can be set up rapidly. HD video is fast becoming the norm, and the system can connect to subscribers globally as long as they use any standards based VC system.


Buying a Video Conferencing solution has become less complex over the past decade. Modern systems are far simpler to deploy compared to earlier ones. Cloud-based solutions can be even simpler to use, and they give users capabilities that were previously not even part of standard feature lists. As the cost of equipment and bandwidth have reduced, the risks involved in setting up a VC system have been reduced considerably and now even smaller businesses have begun to incorporate VC into their work flows.