Marketing Automation

Businesses seeking to boost the efficiency of their marketing activities will no doubt be aware of the fact that implementing Marketing Automation (MA) in sales activities can easily lead to a 10% increase in the sales pipeline. Other research shows that businesses with marketing initiatives contributing significantly to sales are far more likely to be using a marketing automation solution.

In spite of these (and other similar statistics) and the spectacular growth in marketing automation product sales, the actual market penetration of these solutions is low. Just 3% of small businesses and not more than 10% of large businesses use such solutions.

As such, implementing a marketing automation solution is like picking low hanging fruit, as most of the competition has not yet procured these solutions. Any business that implements MA can get a head start in sales. However, there are some legitimate road blocks as well. 85% users have said that they are unable to use MA solutions to their full potential, and nearly 20% existing users indicate that they are looking to switch from their current system. Ease of use and costs are being stated as the primary problems users have experienced. Read more.

Compare Marketing Automation Solution Providers


Stop interrupting. Start connecting.

All-in-one marketing software

360 degree view of the people who matter

Workflows built for your marketing goals

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Best-in-Class Marketing Automation

Easily Create, Automate & Measure

Lead Scoring & Sales Intelligence

Closed-Loop Marketing Reporting & Analyt

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B2B Cross-Channel Marketing Solution

Unify data for better personalization

Send relevant messaging across channels

Track distinct click through activity

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Drive Sales with Intelligent Marketing

Generate high-quality leads

Create custom, targeted emails

Calculate marketing ROI

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Change the Way You Engage

Unified, behavioral-driven platform

Individualized, real-time content

Mobile – in store, in app, and on the go

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Adobe Campaign

Simplify Campaign Management‎

Cross-channel campaign management

Personalized, contextual and real-time

Simplified consumer-based pricing model

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Marketing Automation for the Real World

Inbound & Outbound marketing

Smart, simple workflows and logic

Unlimited support & customized training

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Create Remarkable Experiences

Multi-channel marketing experience

Works with the apps you already love

Monitor real-time activity on website 

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More Deals for More Money in Record Time

Visitor Identification and Intelligence

Build forms and landing pages on the fly

Multidimensional lead scoring

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Engage, Retain and Grow Customer Value

Cross-Channel Marketing Hub

Highly flexible data visualization tool

Predictive and descriptive models

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Marketing Automation at Your Fingertips

Profile, segment and report efficiently

Flexible search-based segmentation

Customizable dashboards, real-time alert

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Online Marketing Tools at Your Fingertips

Platform, Content & Strategy, all in one

Robust lead management platform

Fits any budget and any team size

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Sales and Marketing Software for SMB

Tag Contacts, Segment and Target

Track Website Visitors

Engage Prospects With Relevant Follow-up

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IBM Omni-Channel Marketing

How your business can get smarter

Build contextual, ongoing dialogues

Manage your campaign’s logic

Omni-channel inbound & outbound efforts

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30,000 small businesses thrive with us

Send personalized, automated follow-up

Build professional landing pages & forms

Track website activities

Average rating


Be a Better Demand Marketer

Outbound demand generation

Closed-loop analytics & data validation

Intuitive dashboard for media campaigns

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Lead Squared

Land More Leads, Close More Deals

Lead scoring and behavioral insights

Engagement index and sales insights

Drip marketing and trigger-based emails

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We do the heavy lifting for you.

One-stop solution for lead management

Built for flexibility and scalability

Lead-to-Revenue & Content Experts

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Marketing Automation for SMB's

Real-time behavior based triggers

Web forms & landing pages statistics

Anonymous website visits by IP address

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Net Results

Built for Data-Driven Marketers

All-in-one campaigning functionality

Affordable, full-featured platform

Automate any marketing workflow

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Publish. Market. Sell. Organize.

Set up beautiful, high conversion pages

One click to track your campaigns

CRM & automation platform made for SMBs

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Omnichannel Personalization & Marketing

Data from all touch-points

Automated 360 profiling

Personalized and recommended content

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Customer Success Platform

1-to-1 customer journeys

Effortless email marketing

Exceptional social experiences

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Web-Based Marketing for B2B Marketers

Complete, easy-to-use and affordable

Uncover unknown visitors

Integrate Google Adwords to track ROI

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Deliver Real Value to Companies

Website visitor profiling

email marketing, content, mobile, social

Multichannel, real-time personalization

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Powerful. Affordable. For Everyone.

Behavioral-Based Email Automation

Dynamic Forms Built for Conversion

VisitorID Identifies More Leads

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Signal Engage

Integrated marketing software

Holistic view of fan, follower & users

Use text messaging for special offers

Sweepstakes, surveys, mobile offers

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We're making communication easier

Track all website activities

Organize customers into pipelines

Communicate on every channel

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We Power Marketing

Marketing Resource Management

Omni-Channel Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Small Business Marketing Made Simple

Manage leads & customers

Send & track emails & newsletters

Create blog & social media posts

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Marketing Automation Buyer's Guide

This buyer’s guide seeks to help potential users make the right decisions when it comes to acquiring a Marketing Automation solution and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Fundamental Capabilities

Almost without exception, all MS solutions come with certain core functions built in. The most common set of core functions includes:

Building on the core capabilities listed above, solution providers also offer advanced features to differentiate their products. Key advanced features include:

Making an Informed Decision

Acquiring a new MA solution can be complex. Decision makers have to know what their present status is in terms of marketing activities. They must also understand the limitations of their current system and the areas that need to be improved. Making an informed decision is a four step process:

  1. Knowing one’s own needs
  2. Vendor Selection
  3. Product Demonstrations
  4. Checking references and contracting

Assessing Your Business Needs

Every company has some kind of a marketing system. What are the characteristics of the business’ current one? Why is there a desire to procure a new system? Some key questions that must be answered are:

Marketing Automation Vendor Selection

This is a critical process that should commence only if the business really knows what it wants. A list of “must have”, “could have” and “good to have” features can be drawn up, based on specific company needs. Additionally, a requirement list has to be drawn up and a decision matrix needs to be created to evaluate various solutions and the costs. Vendors and solution providers may offer many features and options, but they are of no use unless they figure in the requirement list generated prior to the vendor selection process. Using these tools, users should be able to generate a short list of vendors whose products meet their specific requirements. Once this is done, a demo is called for.


Vendors should put on a demonstration with existing data. As many users as possible must attend that presentation, do get as many end user assessments as possible. Critical questions to answer are:

These additional concerns should also be addressed:

Checking References

Shortlisted vendors must provide a list of clients who potential users can contact. Try to reach out to every client on the list and ask about the quality of the software, the kind of support that the vendor provides and how satisfied they are with the solution overal.

Marketing Automation is a complex process that requires efforts to be targeted, closely aligned with business goals and in harmony with customer requirements.

To be find the right MA solution, businesses need a rigorous understanding of different vendor options and their specific needs. Companies that don’t time and energy into the process are typically unable to get the full value of their marketing automation solution.